Women and Energy boosters

Hey guys,

Back with the power of imagination. Last few months was very pathetic for me and my family specially for my daughter. With this statement you can guess on what topic I am going to share and discuss with you. As a lock and a key are made for each other, the same is a women and her family. ha….ha… quite different and interesting example given,am I Right! but its very true.

A family cant survive without the lady-in-charge of house and same for the lady also. In India, today also the women cares for her family first and put herself on second. Its a lovely feeling that she get by helping others, encouraging others. It seems these are her energy boosters. But ignoring herself is not good enough for her and her family also. This has to understand the women and her family that taking care of herself is also very important for better development of her and her family.

Last few months I was suffering from physical as well as mental trauma and being a women, being a mother I understand how difficult it is to hold and run the family with a positive energy. In such a competitive environment its very important to make our self strong first, then only we can boost our family members. But this wont become possible if we don’t get support. Even a standing tree needs a support of a root, land then why not to expect from the living people.

A happy, strong women makes a happy family, energy boosters of the nation that are her children, and make a pleasant environment to bring all together. So, important to take out time for our self first to feel happy, satisfying,….there are many ways to do that and of course simultaneously look after the support of her life i.e, her family. Ending this topic in short but will continue later with a hopefully positive response from others.

Its good to laugh, but instead of laughing on others , laugh with them.

As Is The Environment Do Is The Society

When a student write for an exam get nervous and afraid of the questions going to come in exam. Likewise is our so called environment that we name as “society”. Yes, from my point of view environment and society are similar to each other. Surrounding matters a lot. Lets explain it with an example of weather environment. As weather environment having negative(pollution,…) and positive (raining,…) effects so is our society also where we live.

And its the people action, thinking that makes the environment negative or positive.

If anyone having questions about society get afraid of asking the same just like a student afraid of questions coming in exam.

Lets discuss few things on women:

Their role in real life with the thinking or should I say rule of society. I agree with what today’s world speaks on women empowerment. But being not afraid I want to ask “Is the situation is not similar now-a-days also with the earlier decades? Don’t think the basic environment is not changed yet? As its very clear for every parent that the basic study of a child is very important for their upcoming growth just like the basic thinking about the women needs to be changed. Completing household chores only her duty, focus on new family forgetting the older ones, quit the dream job only shake for the child and family. And many more…..

As I said earlier, intention is not to blame someone but its very important to change the view, direction, and ofcourse action through which only thinking can be changed.